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Most scenarios run a range of 4.5 to 15 % with options to expedite as well interest only, up to 24 months reserve, JV Equity, BG, SBLC and other products. Once the review is performed we can assess which partner to place the loan with and acquire an LOI with formal rates and terms to start the process. Conference calls follow to explain the partner’s process. We will follow and guide you through this process as we have several different platforms that can be used. Please Complete the Application above and send it to us. We will be in contact with you after we recieve the information we need. Thank you for choosing International Commercial Loan Co.

We are commercial consultants, we do not perform residential mortgages, we are not licensed for residential. We do not do loan modifications.

We only do non conforming commercial businesses and properties.
We recomend you have an attorney at the time of application and through the whole process.
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