Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors


Growth Investments Ltd : GIL offers real estate entrepreneurs access to Private Equity (Hard Money) Mortgages for wholesale investment opportunities.

Hard Money Loans give real estate investors the opportunity to leverage their capital and allow more flexibility in today’s market. Our programs are designed to make real estate investing easy and safe for our clients.

Hard Money financing can be a short term loan used by real estate investors for the acquisition of investment properties. The loans bridge the period between purchase and exit. The loans are typically kept by the borrowers for 3-12 months while they renovate the property and prepare it to be resold to an owner occupant buyer or rented by the landlord investor. Once the property is renovated and rented the landlord investor will refinance the loan with a conventional mortgage and pay off the private loan, and a resale investor will pay off the loan with the sale of the property to the owner occupant buyer.

1 & 2 Year Rehab Loan Guidelines

Subject To Rehab Loans

AS-IS Investment Loans (If property needs rehab , must be a Subject To Rehab loan)

Foreign National Loans (Both rehab and AS-IS Loans)

CASH OUT REFINANCE (Foreign National and U.S. Citizen borrowers)


We are commercial consultants, we do not perform residential mortgages, we are not licensed for residential. We do not do loan modifications.

We only do non conforming commercial businesses and properties.
We recomend you have an attorney at the time of application and through the whole process.
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