Transactional Funding


Back your investment with transactional funding from Growth Investments Ltd : GIL Lending.

Proof of funds letters are one of the most efficient ways for investors to secure the purchase of a residential investment property. At Growth Investments Ltd : GIL Lending, we can provide you with the transactional funding you need right away to help you ensure your offers are accepted by sellers and their agents. By showing you are pre-qualified for the amount of funding needed to close on the investment property as quickly as possible, you can build confidence with those you are working with and establish yourself as a real estate entrepreneur.

Be sure to call one of our loan agents today to get started with our transactional funding services, or chat with us online now to learn more. You can also start your funding application right now by filling out the form above.

Funding Details and Guidelines


We are commercial consultants, we do not perform residential mortgages, we are not licensed for residential. We do not do loan modifications.

We only do non conforming commercial businesses and properties.
We recomend you have an attorney at the time of application and through the whole process.
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